About Me

Ranko went to UC Santa Barbara, U. Illinois Chicago, and studied 4 years in an acupuncture medical school. He also spent additional time as a patient/student in Beijing/Nanjing, China.


In China, Ranko learned and received treatment from some of the best acupuncturists in mainland China. This experience gave him new insight and understanding on pathology, treatment duration, needle placement, and overall strategies that are lacking in the United States. Ranko has worked with and in internal medicine offices, multi-disciplinary pain clinics, anesthesiologist offices. He has given thousands of treatments and can confidently handle a spectrum of disease - from addiction to intestinal conditions, poststroke care to chronic idiopathic migraines.

His treatment approach is gentle, targeting the parasympathetic nervous system and fascia, to create deep tissue activity both locally and distally in the central nervous system. He explains acupuncture having biological/physiological attributes, and practices a more advanced type of bio-medical acupuncture.

Licensed in California (#12049), Florida (#2866) and in New Jersey (#25MZ00096900), he specializes in complex diagnosis and chronic degenerative diseases.

My Philosophy

Scientific medicine


On a more complicated level acupuncture can access deep healing systems of the body especially the endocrine system. Patients with adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome respond to acupuncture, because the again, remember, the needles act as a catalyst to bring blood and nourishment to the glands affected, help blood saturation/O2 levels, and overall system ouput. That makes us able to work with patients who are dealing with different kinds of hormonal issues such as fertility challenges (women who have low levels of progesterone/estrogen and because of those low critical hormone levels cannot secure the right variables needed for conception), we can help strengthen the endocrine system (hormone system) and promote the release and increase of sexual hormones. It is really profound how acupuncture can influence the internal environments of the body. The World Health Organization has documented numerous studies and updated research on acupuncture and have completed a list of various diseases, conditions, that acupuncture can help treat, cure and help. Acupuncture is not a meta-physical or philosophical system that has no science as a foundation. Acupuncture is a physical medicine, micro-injury therapy (MIT), that provokes deep responses in the central nervous system and brain, endocrine, and immune system and therefore creating local and distal tissue activity (soft tissue, hard tissue or organ systems). Acupuncture has its limits and is not a "x-all/cure-all” system of medicine, but here are some of the researched and scientifically validated conditions/diseases it can help:


Treatment and management of:


                - muscular-skeletal conditions (lower back pain, cervical pain, thoracic pain, anatomical displacement of lumbar/thoracic/cervical disks, pre-post surgical preparation and rehabilitation, muscle soreness and muscle fatigue/aches, ischemic muscle conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic exercised-induced compartment syndrome, various pain syndromes).


                - ligament and tendon disorders (surgical preparation and post-surgical aid for ACL, MCL, meniscus operations and rehabilitation, tendonitis, symptomatic relief, bursitis, tennis elbow, etc.)


                - neurological dysfunction (sciatica, neuralgia, pain along dermatomes, shingles etc.)


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